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Our aim is to provide you with fencing and fencing components that will look good, be fit for their purpose and last for a long time. In the Newcastle upon Tyne area, we can provide the reliable service you need. Our professionals can study your requirements and suggest the right solutions for your needs. We can provide good fencing service at reasonable prices. You can get a good deal on fencing services today - just call R.W LYNN FENCING COMPANY LTD on 01661 521700.

Fence and Fencing Services in Newcastle upon Tyne

Fences are structures used to mark boundaries and keep out intruders, but unlike a wall, they're made of materials other than brick and concrete. Houses, particularly those with a garden, may need a fence to provide protection, demarcate the property and ensure privacy. Aluminium tubular fencing, metal picket fencing and wire-based fences with powder-coating or galvanized metal are all popular. Soft wood or specially treated steel in various designs and colours are also used to design fences. In Newcastle upon Tyne, we have various materials available for you to choose from. All of our fences are rust-resistant and fire-resistant as well as being weather- and rot-resistant.

Fencing Types Available in Newcastle upon Tyne

Close-boarded fencing is one of the most popular types of boundary-marking fences, and is suitable for heavy-duty use. Our attractive selection of arched and scalloped trellis panel tops will complement your fencing and garden. Picket fencing, used traditionally in front gardens, is available in many designs and can look stunning on country estate-type gardens. Decorative panels can add charm to your garden, and you can choose from a wide range of panels such as cleft chestnut, willow or bamboo. In Newcastle upon Tyne, gates of various styles and colours are an important part of fencing services, and can be made from robust and solid timber.

Important Points to Consider when Choosing Fencing in Newcastle upon Tyne

When considering what type of fencing to buy, it's a good idea to take the climate in Newcastle upon Tyne into account. The fencing can depend upon the natural characteristic of your property and its landscaping. If your property is located in or near heavy greenery, it may not be safe to choose wooden fencing as it may attract termites, white ants and other pests. Some materials, like brick or glass, may be used for stylish fencing, but they are expensive and difficult to maintain, unlike aluminium or steel. Our fencing is made to measure, offers excellent security standards and doesn't compromise on style.

The Advantages of New Fencing in Newcastle upon Tyne

Fences have a wide range of uses other than marking boundaries and adding decoration. They can add height to your garden, support climbing plants and shelter and protect you and your garden from the elements. Furthermore they can help hide compost heaps, rubbish bins and water storage butts, making your garden look more attractive. Fencing can also help divide and demarcate areas of your garden, such as creating a play area for children or a 'pet-free' area. Get the fencing you desire from R.W LYNN FENCING COMPANY LTD in Newcastle upon Tyne.


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